Sunday, March 8, 2015

Calming Glitter Jar Tutorial ♥

Calming Jar Tutorial
Hey everyone! Calming Jars are amazing things to have in your house/office. The concept behind them is the swirling and twinkling properties have a subtle therapeutic effect. Here's what you'll need:
  • A mason jar or glass baby food jar (whatever size works)
  • Hot water
  • Water color paint set
  • Chunky glitter
  • Fine glitter
  • Metal skewer or long thin mixing utensil
  • Newspaper or some sort of protection for working space
  • Glitter Glue
  • An oven mitten (optional)

Now for directions!
  1. Lay down your newspaper and have all of your ingredients ready.
  2. Add your glitter to the jar just to cover the bottom completely. I usually do a little more fine glitter than the chunky because the chunky glitter will fall to the bottom faster after being shaken. Be creative! Use blue chunky glitter and fine gold glitter or purple fine glitter with chunky red. It's all up to you. 
  3. Once you have your desired amount of glitter, heat up enough water in a measuring cup to fill your jar to almost the top. You may need to do this a few times depending on your jar size.
  4. The water is heated because it needs to melt the glitter glue you're adding in this step. Using your skewer, stir in about a tablespoon of glitter glue. This thickens the water + glitter so it will take longer to fall when being shaken.
  5. Continue to stir until all glue is melted and if needed, add some more glitter.
  6. Once you have it filled almost to the top, you can now choose a color from your water color set. For the pictures I used, I had a pink color in my water color palette. Mix in water with the paint brush like your normally would and drip the color into the jar. You'll see a beautiful swirl of color appear!
  7. Your jar is going to be hot from the water, so you can use the oven mitten to have a more secure hold on the jar while you place the cap back on.
And that's it! This is such an easy and beautiful craft. It's all up to imagination as well.